The Music Of Christmas

We delight in welcoming you to this service of worship for the Fourth Sunday of Advent.  A rich and varied season, Advent is a time to prepare not only to welcome the Christ Child to Bethlehem, but to wait and watch for his return at the end of time: when God will be “all in all”.  This morning, as we draw close to Christmas, our service of worship will—in fact—be a “Christmas” service in all but name, featuring many of the beloved hymns and carols of the season.  Special thanks to Alison and the choir for their leadership this morning.  And special thanks to the Rev. Terry Finch who will be providing a “running-commentary” on a small handful of the hymns & carols we will be enjoying this morning.  On this fourth (and final!) Sunday of Advent, we delight in welcoming you to Trinity United Church.