Sermon Notes

The Blessed Virgin

This Sunday’s service of worship sees us continue on our sojourn through one of two yearly periods in the Christian calendar, that are sometimes referred to as “ordinary” time.  However!  Given that this Sunday morning just happens to be a traditional day of feasting in much of the Christian tradition (not because it’s Groundhog Day but because it’s the Feast of the Presentation), there is really nothing ordinary about this particular Sunday: a Sunday that truly brings the celebration of Christmas to a close.  Here at Trinity Rev. Foster plans to bring a 2nd series of sermons on The Apostle’s Creed to a close, addressing a topic that is not generally given the prominence in Protestant circles that it is given in other parts of the Christian Church.  (That’s a slight understatement!) And—given that this is the first Sunday of a new month—our worship will reach its fitting climax as we gather around the table to break bread and share the cup in the name of Jesus Christ.