Part One: Yeshua

We delight in welcoming you to this service of worship for Christmas Sunday, a truly joyful Sunday in the Church’s calendar although—ironically—most of us (by this point in December) are too exhausted to appreciate it as fully as it ought to be appreciated it!  In truth, this year there are actually two Sundays which fall within the far too brief 12 days of Christmas although here—at Trinity United—we’ll observe the second of those Sundays as the Feast of the Epiphany.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This morning is all about Christmas, which is to say, all about the birth of Christ.  What better Sunday could there be, for re-launching a series of sermons on The Apostle’s Creed?: in particular, the section of that Creed which begins with the words: “I believe in Jesus Christ”! On this festive Sunday—this festive Christmas Sunday!!—we delight in welcoming you to Trinity United Church.  May this season be a blessed one for you and for yours!